MusicMaster Scheduling
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I started my "adventure" in radio in 2006, and became Music Director for QMIX in 2007. I say adventure because I'm not your typical die-hard "I've wanted to be in broadcasting since I was 5" radio station...Read more...

Sara Beth Merz
Music Director
QMIX 107.3 (WRZQ)
Columbus, IN

We run three networks broadcasting mostly nationwide. Our brands Cool FM, Wazobia FM, and Nigeria Info offer a straight CHR format, local African music and a News/Talk/Sports format mixed with some smooth...Read more...

Alero Eghagha
Head of Music
Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info
Lagos, Nigeria

I've been using MusicMaster for many years now. When I first started using it, it was actually called 'Music Scan' – yes, that was quite a few years ago…actually, I was 2 years old when I used Music Scan....Read more...

Shawn Turner
CHAY Music Director
Corus Entertainment
Barrie, ON

We at Bayern 3 have been working with MusicMaster for four years and it was very easy to get familiar with the software. It's very intuitive and the structure is very close to the Windows-principle, which is...Read more...

Robert Morawa
Music Director
Bayern 3
Munich, Germany

When I joined West Virginia Radio, earlier this year, they were already MusicMaster users. I was excited to relearn the program and have found it to be a great fit for our stations and for my position as the...Read more...

Charlie Cook
Director Of Programming
Formely of West Virginia Radio Corporation