One of my favorite features in MusicMaster is the Artist Separation Wizard. eD-FM has a huge variety of artists, some with only a couple of songs, some with lots of titles. It would be very difficult to set an artist separation that would allow a Genesis song every 4 hours but keep both Whitesnake songs from playing in the same day. Enter the Separation Wizard! Just run it and it checks your library, clocks and rules and automatically sets the optimum separaration for each individual artist - 6:25 for Genesis, 15:05 for Whitesnake. You could also use this on a current-based station weekly - when Garth has a power it would recommend a 55 minute separation, as opposed to the 2:30 separation when all he has is 90s library material.

Eddie Haskell
Regional Format General / Country at Citadel Broadcasting, FM Operations Manager for KRST / KDRF / KOBFM / KMGA
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