Rule one: Don't spill root beer on the computer when doing music. Or, at least wait until you're done and have done a backup. Then pour away. Rule two: Don't overdue the rules. Put in what rules you NEED. If you go crazy with putting in rules, you will end up with nothing but unscheduled slots. Yes, you want the computer to do its' work, but if you put too many rules in, you'll create a situation where no song can work in any situation. The more important the song catagory, the fewer rules there should be. I have no rules for my powers. They are the most important songs on the station and I want them all to play. The rules kick in for catagories below power. Then those songs have to work around the powers. The computer does half the work. The other half is you looking at the results and using your judgement to fix problems and make things as good as they can be.

Tony Waitekus
MusicMaster User
WIFC-FM Alumnus
Wausau, WI